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We, Rilapp Technologies Private Limited, is a technology company specialized in providing GPS tracking solution for car, truck, assets, children, elders and more.

We are a leading GPS tracking solution provider, aims at offering innovative and cost effective GPS tracking system comprising of state-of-art hardware as well as software. GPS tracking system is an unique way for companies and individuals to track and monitor their car, truck, person and other valuable assets to very precise details.

Our GPS Tracking Device (Model: R-Locator & Make: Rilapp) is AIS140 approved device which strictly follow the requirement of GPS Tracking and SOS alarm function.

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    We use cutting edge GPS satellite positioning technology for accurately track and pin point the location and speed.


    Switch off vehicle engine from your mobile phone or website. The vehicle can’t move further without your permission.


    Using highly sensitive GPS chipset and lot of optimizations, our system provide accurate distance travel report.


    Get instant notification/alert whenever your vehicle gets out or gets in the set geographical area.


    The user receive instant notification on their smartphones on alerts like ignition on/off, tempering & etc.


    We have developed fully indigenous GPS Tracking Devices and Software. Don’t buy low cost Chinese devices.


    The vehicle security has become a big concern for vehicle owners. We have top notch security features for your vehicle.


    Since we have fully in-house team of developers, we have no limitation on the customization of solution tailor made for you.


    We fully support Make in India program of Government of India and manufacturing high quality GPS Tracking Devices in India since 2011. With fully loaded features and rugged design which easily withstand in harsh Indian weather conditions, our GPS Tracking Devices are approved by various Government Agencies. We also customize the GPS Tracking Solution as per customer requirement which helps us achieving better customer experience and satisfaction as compare to our competitors.

    Most innovative & intuitive mobile app for tracking 

    We are offering one of the best Android & iPhone app for tracking of your vehicles or assets on the go. You will have complete access of different kind of reports on your mobile phone. You can also stop or control your vehicle engine from mobile app.

    Informative Dashboard

    Our system allows to see precise object location live via web browser or mobile app, instantly view historical tracks and get notifications about events which require your immediate attention, generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more.

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